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Exclusive : Echostar To Launch SlingMedia Freesat+ Device Tomorrow?

We've received an invitation for an event organised tomorrow in London by Echostar, the parent company behind Slingmedia, which promises to show the "ultimate TV anywhere experience" with a picture showing a man carrying a flatscreen television with a set top box and two remote controls.

We're intrigued however by the "Sling Loaded : Watch your TV everywhere" badge as well as the "Freesat + HD Digital TV recorder" logo; both of which lead us to believe that there will be a Freesat+ Device with SlingMedia inside showcased tomorrow

Such a device has been planned since July 2010 but, to our knowledge, has yet to be released. Both Slingbox Pro-HD and the Slingbox Pro come with standard definition Freeview.

The new box would include DVB-S technology (rather than DVB-T2) otherwise known as Freesat HD. Our bet is on a digital video recorder that comes with some of the features of the HDS-600 like the 1TB hard disk drive, an Ethernet port, HDMI and USB conenctor, SPDIF output plus integrated SlingLoaded capabilities.

Compared to say Humax's Foxsat-HDR satellite set top box, the Echostar solution appears more elegant and its experience as the solutions enable for big content providers means that it will be a very attractive alternative - not unlike Virgin Media's TiVo - for those looking for a FTA box.