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First Kinect hack for PS3 appears

The first hack enabling Sony's PlayStation 3 to be controlled with Microsoft's motion-sensing controller Kinect has appeared in the form of a YouTube video.

The five-minuted clip shows a chap by the name of Shantanu Goel hooking the console and the controller together using a laptop computer.

The hacker says he used several other resources including Open NI Libraries, NITE Libraries, PrimeSense Libraries for Kinect and DIYPS3Controller to fiddle with the PS3 controller XML config file, and has published full details on how the mashup was made.

It's a bit rough and ready as you will see from the video below, and the hack's creator admits it's very much a pre-alpha proof of concept, but it could be an interesting precursor of things to come.

Goel says he is now working on building full menu and game profiles, skeletal tracking, switching back from menu to game profiles and an easier way to specify custom user profiles without changing the code, as well as general tweaks to performance.

Goel has released the full source code of the project under GNU GPL v2.