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Google Partners Sprint For Integrated Google Voice Mobile

Google has partnered with US wireless carrier Sprint to allow customers to seamlessly integrate Google Voice with their mobile phone.

Google, which already allows users to port their existing mobile numbers on Google Voice, said that users will be able to use their Sprint mobile number as their Google Voice number allowing them to ring multiple other phones at the same time.

In an official blog post, the company said that calls on users' Sprint numbers will be able to be answered from their office or home phone, and even their computers via Gmail. Sprint users who make calls or send text messages via Gmail will be able to display their Sprint numbers.

The service is designed to allow Sprint customers to enjoy Google Voice features without porting their existing numbers to Google Voice. Google said that users will be able replace their Sprint number with their Google Voice number while making calls or sending text messages from their Sprint mobile phone, without installing a special app.

“This feature will be available soon to Sprint customers in the United States. Once it is launched, it will be rolled out gradually to all Google Voice users, and can be enabled through the Google Voice website,” Google explained.