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Hacker Modifies Kinect To Work On PS3

Kinect modder Shantanu Goel has managed to run Microsoft's motion sensing gaming peripheral on rival Sony's PlayStation 3 console.

Goel has developed a code that allows him to control the PS3 XMB menu using Kinect's motion controls and even play a game, Killzone 3, on the console using Kinect.

The code, which is still in pre-alpha phase, has been developed using Open NI Libraries, NITE Libraries, PrimeSense Libraries for Kinect and DIYPS3Controller to manipulate the XML config file for PS3 controller. The developer has released the full code for the experiment under the GNU GPL v2 open source license.

The hacker has released a video in which he can be seen controlling the PS3 using Kinect, complete with hand sweeping motions for going through the XMB menu and playing the first person shooter Killzone 3.

Microsoft had earlier said that it was not pleased with developers trying to hack into Kinect but it later changed its stance when it saw how hackers are manipulating the device to use it on PCs and finding other cool uses for it apart from gaming.

According to Thinq, the modder is now trying to develop full menu and game profiles for his hack, along with skeletal tracking and support for custom user profiles.