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Introducing the $8 million iPad 2

If you're one of those people who thinks Apple makes over-priced toys for the well-heeled, you might want to think again.

Liverpool jeweller Stuart Hughes has just launched a retrofitted iPad 2 which weighs in at a startling $8 million (£4.9 million).

It's encrusted with 16.5 carats of flawless diamonds, has a solid gold Apple logo and a home button fashioned from a single 8.5 carat diamond inlaid in platinum and surrounded by yet more top quality gems.

The gadget's bezel is made from 75 million year-old ammolite which contains splinters of 56 million year-old T-Rex bones.

If you're a premier league footballer, a Saudi oil prince or a barking mad middle east dictator trying to hide pots of stolen cash, you'll probably also need to hire a heavily-armed flunky to carry this about for you as it weighs in at a whopping two kilos.

Only two will be made but you'll have to spend a few quid more filling it up with apps from iTunes. Better get saving.