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New RewardVille Offers Incentives To Zynga Gamers

Social games developer Zynga has launched a new platform which will allow users to purchase virtual goods for existing Zynga games on Facebook.

RewardVille will allow users to earn game credits and eventaully 'zCoins' which can be used to purchase virtual items across all of Zynga's games like CityVille, Zynga Poker, FarmVille and FrontierVille.

Zynga games are free to play but users are given the option of purchasing virtual goods to enhance their in-game experience and reach high game-play levels quickly. The games are simple to play, generally requiring users to merely click with their mouse, but they do demand a certain level of time and dedication.

The developers have made it possible for 500 million Facebook users to create their own cities, start businesses, create their own farms and maintain cattle and grow vegetables. Zynga's games have seen massive user growth on Facebook, making it the fastest growing media company ever.

The company, which has development centres across the globe, is expected to rake in $850 million in revenue this year, up from $529 million last year. Zynga was valued at $10 billion after its last $500 million round of venture capital funding. The company makes money when users purchase virtual goods and from advertisements.

Recently a man in the UK was jailed for two years (in the real world) for hacking into Zynga and 'stealing' virtual poker chips.