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No iPhone 5 For T-Mobile US Customers Despite AT&T Acquisition

The purchase this morning of T-Mobile US by AT&T for $39 billion gave rise to speculation about the possibility of the former Deutsche Telekom mobile carrier selling Apple's iPhone 4 (and iPhone 5) to its customers.

In a FAQ published by the company earlier today, the answer is a resounding no. T-Mobile USA says that it remains an independent company as the acquisition process is expected to last at least one year.

It added that it will not offer the iPhone 4 (and its successor the iPhone 5), instead redirecting customers to "cutting edge devices" like the Samsung Galaxy S 4G and the Sidekick 4G, also built by Samsung.

T-Mobile, it seems, is hawking its "robust" 4G LTE network, one which it says will cover 95 per cent of the US population once the merger is approved and implemented.

Speaking of 4G, Sascha Segan from PCMag highlights how both T-Mobile and AT&T's implementations of 4G are confusing and lagging far behind Verizon Wireless's version for example.

Like Orange and T-Mobile in the UK, AT&T may use T-Mobile's existing infrastructure to improve its coverage of the US territory significantly and roll out much faster and reliable 4G nationwide.

Mashable also points out to two major issues which explain why iPhone on T-Mobile is not going to happen anytime soon; AT&T and T-Mobile operate on different 3G bands and AT&T will have to negotiate with Apple in order to get the approval to sell the iPhone even if it owns it outright.