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RIM Blackberry Playbook Launch To Clash With iPhone 5?

Two separate sources have confirmed to us that the RIM Blackberry Playbook will be launched in the UK in early June, potentially clashing with the launch of the iPhone 5.

Although the Playbook is not technically a phone, the fact that it will possibly be launched within days of Apple's flagship product may cause it to lose out when it comes to what marketers refer to "share of voice" in the technology segment.

A source close to RIM told us to expect the tablet to be launched in the first week of June; we expect the Apple iPhone 5 to be launched on the 6th of June 2011, the first day of the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference.

Engadget published a number of sheets that appear to come from 3 UK and one shows that the Blackberry Playbook will be launched in June in Wi-Fi mode only - which is extremely surprising given that 3 UK (and other mobile phone operators) would only make money on such an item if they sold it with mobile broadband (ed : unless they sold it as a bundle with a RIM Blackberry handset).

The RIM Blackberry Playbook is a 7-inch tablet, which not only has the fastest processor in the tablet world, as it stands but also is powered by a unique OS, QNX, a real time mobile platform that will be rolled out on all Blackberry mobile handsets as early as next year.