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Rumour : iPhone 5 May Have Metal Back & Larger Screen

As the countdown to the launch of the iPhone 5 in June goes on, a source close to Foxconn Electronics, the designated manufacturer of the iPhone, told a technology website that the iPhone 5 might have a metal back,

9to5mac says that its contacts confirmed that the phone will go in mass production soon and will look like the iPhone 4 with only a couple of notable differences.

The screen is said to be bigger than the current 3.5-inch display which has a resolution of 960x640 pixels; A 4-inch diagonal is said to be likely.

We've already said that Apple won't be able to increase the screen size without increasing the display resolution if it wants to stick to the Retina Display label.

The source also told 9to5mac that Apple will move away from the current glass back to a metal one not unlike the original iPhone (and the iPad 2) but did not give any reason for this.

We suspect that issues that arose last year over the incapacity of Apple to deliver a white version of the iPhone 4 might be behind the decision to move to metal.

The report also contained purported pictures of the charging cable for the iPhone 5 which does not look very different from that on the iPhone 4 GSM or CDMA.

The iPhone 5 will almost certainly contain the Apple A5 CPU found in the iPad 2 and learn a few tricks from the latter when it comes to slimming down.