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Sony Planning To Launch Thunderbolt Laptop?

Apple, it seems, will not have enough time to enjoy the exclusivity it currently enjoys on the technology it co-developed with Intel, Thunderbolt; news has emerged of a new so-called Hybrid laptop that could potentially put Sony ahead of its rivals - including Apple - in one swoop.

After the Chrome OS Sony laptop, Sony Insider's second scoop is about a VAIO Hybrid PC, one which comes with a solid state drive, an Intel Core i7 processor with onboard graphics, Intel's Wi-Di, a HDMI output with 3D support, a battery life of up to 16.5 hours and an overall weight of about 1.13Kg.

Sony Insider doesn't say what the screen size could be but we're hoping for a 13.3-inch model; note that that the laptop doesn't come with any optical drive.

The ODD however can be found in a secondary component/unit, which can be described as a docking station. It weighs around 680g and comes with a discrete AMD GPU (Whistler-XT with 1GB GDDR memory), a Blu-ray disc drive, both HDMI and VGA outputs, GbE and USB ports as well.

The docking station will connect to the laptop using Thunderbolt and it seems that Sony will adopt a proprietary connector like in the good old days.

Sony said last year that it was "excited about the potential for Light Peak technology that Intel has been developing" saying that it could allow it to produce "a new generation of high-speed device connectivity". Expect the Hybrid computer to cost a lot though.