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Twitter Is Five Years Old Today

Micro-blogging platform Twitter has turned five years old today, celebrating the day when founder Jack Dorsey made the first tweet on the platform.

The tweet 'Inviting Coworkers' was the first of the billions which have been posted on the platform from people in every corner of the world.

Twitter has been dismissed by some as merely a platform for peoples' mumblings, while others claim it has become an instrument for the oppressed as well as the famous to make their voices heard. The platform has also been used by campaigners and revolutionaries, in particular during the recent upheavals in the Middle East.

The platform has revolutionised the way people communicate on the web and has become a highly popular medium for news, information, contacts, opinion and expertise.

Twitter was originally planned as an SMS based service, it took 3 years before its billionth tweet had been posted and has now grown to register a billion tweets every week. Twitter users send an average of 140 million 140-character long messages every day with 460,000 new accounts being created on the platform each day.

The most popular Twitter users are pop star Lady Gaga with 8,888,671 followers, teen sensation Justin Bieber with 8,267,804 followers, Britney Spears with 7,172,476 followers, US President Barack Obama with 7,067,708 followers and celebrity Kim Kardashian with 6,824,049 followers.