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Updated : Apple iPad 2 NOT Delayed In Czech Republic

Apple has updated the holding page of the iPad 2 on its Czech website; it now shows that the product will be available from the 25th of March, that is, this coming Friday; the page previously announced that the iPad 2 would be released one month later.

"V Prodeji Od 25 Brezna" translates into "Available From 25th of March"; this means that out of the 25 countries that were supposed to start selling the iPad 2 this coming Friday, only Japan will be left out because of the dramatic events that have struck the country over the past few weeks.

An Apple spokesperson confirmed to Techradar that "Everything that is on the website still holds true; the website says 25 March and that's when it'll be" although there are concerns over how many iPad 2 will be available at launch.

The iPad 2 was officially launched at the beginning of the month and boosts a few noticeable improvements over Apple's last generation tablet. It has a dual core Apple A5 processor, twice the amount of onboard RAM, a much beefier graphics subsystem and two cameras.

On top of that, it is much lighter than its predecessor and is 30 per cent thinner as well. It is estimated that more than one million iPad 2 devices have been sold in the US until now.