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Amazon To Expand Appstore To Other OS Platforms

Amazon's Appstore will be soon expanding to other mobile operating system platforms, the company has said.

The company launched the Appstore for apps created for Google's Android platform today, offering initially 3,800 apps.

Speaking to Mobile-Device, Amazon Appstore project leader Aaron Rubenson said that the company is planning on expanding to other mobile OS.

“Our intent is to provide a vast selection to customers from multiple operating systems. Although the store will feature Android apps at launch, we will evaluate opportunities to expand our selection on an ongoing basis,” he said in a statement.

Amazon's plan to offer apps for multiple platforms suggests that the retailer will soon be offering apps for Blackberry OS and Symbian. The retailer probably would like to include Apple's iOS apps as well, but whether Apple would allow Amazon to offer its apps on the Amazon Appstore is a completely different matter.

Apple tightly controls its iOS ecosystem and currently only allows customers to purchase and download apps from its iTunes App Store. Another thing that speaks against Amazon launching an iOS store, is that Apple has just filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Amazon, in relation to its use of the term 'Appstore'.