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Apple iPad 2 To Remain Market Leader According To Gartner

One of the most influential research analyst companies, Gartner, has released a note saying that the iPad 2 will help apple remain on top of the tablet sector even with the rising number of competitors.

This, Gartner says, is because the company has been able to keep the price of the iPad 2 down despite significantly improving its hardware features putting the onus on rivals to raise their game.

Gartner reckons that more than half of existing iPad users will upgrade for the new features on the iPad 2 or, what they reckon, "for status".

Hardware specification, Gartner analysts add, is where tablet manufacturers - other than Apple - are focusing, leaving Apple to put "hardware at the service of user behaviour" rather than for the sake of getting bragging rights.

Even the lack of some notable features like Flash compatibility or an SD card slot will not prevent Apple from trouncing its rivals when it comes to sales and the iPad 2 will still keep its premium status when compared to scores of clone that will come on the market.

Perhaps more importantly for Apple (and much to the displeasure of RIM and Cisco), Gartner says that they "see no reason why the iPad's momentum in the enterprise should slow".