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Apple iPhone 5 Delayed Till Q3?

Amongst the latest round of rumours on the iPhone 5 emerging from Taipei, the most worrying one is a potential delay in the launch of the iPhone 5, to the third quarter of the year (which starts in July).

Taipei-based Chinatimes reports that Apple's plans to sell up to 40 million iPhone 5 this year might be jeopardised because of issues encountered by Hon Hai, Apple's Chinese partner.

The machine translation of the article points out that the disater that hit Japan two weeks ago combined with the Tsunami and the looming Nuclear disaster that resulted may have forced Apple to review its plan for the iPhone 5.

Apple normally starts the production of ready-to-ship devices months before the official launch in order to get enough stock to go round; but the ever growing success of Apple's so called "post-pc" devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod) is putting an increasing stress on its supply chain.

It is understood that Hon Hai may be looking to open manufacturing plants dedicated to Apple products in South America to slash the time to market of some of its products and reduce cost of production.

Delaying the release of the iPhone 5 to Q3 will not necessarily mean a better product since the Japanese Earthquake was unannounced and many sources pointed to the fact that Apple had already finalised most of the device's production. The iPhone 5 is expected to be launched on the 6th of June 2011 in San Francisco.