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Bebo Founder Launches 'Jolitics' Political Proposal Platform

The founder of social media platform Bebo has launched a new website aimed at getting people at grass roots level involved in politics.

Jolitics, the platform created by Bebo founder Michael Birch, will bring social media to the world of politics, allowing people to gain political influence by broadcasting their ideas and gathering support.

According to Birch, the proposals filed by the activists on the platform will be forwarded to the MP of their respective constituency if enough people vote for the policy suggestion. The political media platform will also be a place to discuss ideas on their merit without the party political bias which often skews opinion.

MPs will also be able to connect with people in their constituencies better and bring reforms based on what people actually want.

“I had this idea a long time ago, pre-dating Bebo. I wanted to go beyond the forums that lack the structure to do anything positive. As proposals on Jolitics come closer to being an acted item, it becomes powerful and could enable structured political debate,” Birch said in a statement.

The new platform has been modelled after the Parliament, under which a specific proposal will be first debated on by the users and then it will undergo a voting process. If the 'bill' has been approved by enough people, then it will be forwarded to the local MP.