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BioWare warns fans of Star Wars beta scams

The development house behind upcoming space-epic-themed MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic is warning fans to look out for people offering access to the beta programme in order to avoid being scammed.

BioWare, which has been responsible for some epic titles over the years including game of the year winning space operas Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, is currently putting the finishing touches to long-awaited Star Wars massively multiplayer on-line title SW:TOR, and fans are eager to get an early glimpse into what the title has to offer.

That eagerness could be the downfall of many a young Padawan, however, with the company warning that a rash of scams targeting fans could leave users 'in real danger'.

"It has come to our attention that there are multiple individuals and sites claiming to sell testing accounts, 'beta keys,' or other offers of access to our Game Testing Program," BioWare's Alison Berryman alerted fans on the official site.

"We must caution you that these offers are often scams designed to steal your money, credit card information, or identity. While we understand that you are eager to participate in Game Testing, your security is extremely important, and attempting to participate in these offers could put you in very real danger."

Even if the offers were real - which Berryman claims is extremely unlikely - they won't get users access for long. "The sale of accounts with access to the Game Testing Program is strictly prohibited by the Game Testing Agreement," Berryman pointed out. "In the event that an account in the Game Testing Program does change ownership, we immediately take action to the fullest extent possible, including permanently banning the account from the Service."

For fans eager to try their hand at beating the Kessel Run in under twelve parsecs, or who are simply keen to immerse themselves in a galaxy far, far away, it looks like there's going to be no short-cut to SW:TOR access.

The title is set to be launched later this year, although a firm date has not yet been tied down.

In the meantime, these aren't the betas you are looking for. Go about your business. Move along.