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Broadcom buys backhaul specialist Provigent

Broadcom has telegraphed its intentions to up its game in the telecoms equipment arena, buying up microwave radio specialist Provigent to help it grab a higher market share in the telco sector.

The company has announced that it is to spend $313 million acquiring Israeli start-up Provigent in order to shore up its telecom-centric offerings - specifically, in an attempt to get a bigger share of the lucrative backhaul equipment market.

Provigent's primary product is a system-on-chip communications system which allows communications companies to offer a wireless high-speed backhaul to network operators - a market which is likely to grow significantly over the next few years as smartphones continue to spread and users' demands of their mobile networks increase.

As mobile network speeds increase, the backhaul becomes increasingly congested - meaning network providers are forced to upgrade their systems and add new capacity on a regular basis. It's a lucrative market for those that can offer the technologly required.

"With the addition of Provigent's engineering expertise in microwave radio products," a spokesperson explained, "[Broadcom] expands its robust portfolio to more thoroughly address the $5 billion microwave backhaul equipment business."

The acquisition of Provigent means that Broadcom is able to offer network operators a full suite of solutions, from consumer wireless technologies to microwave backhaul systems.