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Gemalto And STMicroelectronics To Provide NFC Security

Digital security firm Gemalto has partnered with STMicroelectronics to develop security solutions for Near Fields Communication technology.

Near Fields Communication is short range data transfer technology that can be used to offer innovative new mobile solutions including wireless mobile payments and information sharing.

Primarily, NFC is being considered for mobile phone payments with companies like Google, Verizon and AT&T developing cashless payment solutions for mobile users. The technology is yet to pick up steam in the US and European markets as very few smartphone devices come with NFC chips.

Gemalto and ST are planning to combine their existing security and NFC offerings to come up with robust NFC security solutions to cater to the rising demand of NFC services around the world.

The companies are developing products based on the ST33 EAL5+ chipset from ST, which has been specially designed for mobile applications and the secure mobile operating system Trusted Service Management.

Marie-France Florentin, General Manager of Secure Microcontrollers Division at STMicroelectronics, commented, “By combining some of the most advanced NFC related technologies from both companies, ST and Gemalto will bring leading and highly secure solutions to the market to further accelerate the deployment of NFC services across the world.”