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GPU Issue Causes MacBook Pro To Freeze

Apple's recently launched Macbook Pro notebooks are allegedly suffering from an issue in the GPU hardware that causes the devices to freeze.

Customers of Apple's 15 and 17-inch Macbook Pro models have flooded Apple's customer forums with complaints that indicate that the notebooks freeze while running GPU intensive applications.

“I bought my Macbook Pro 17'' 2011 through the online Apple Store. My computer freezes every time I play any Source game like Counter Strike Source and Team Fortress 2. While playing the game, if I press the volume buttons, it will certainly make the computer freeze. Also, when quitting the game through the main menu, it just freezes,” one Apple user wrote on the forum.

Apple is yet to formally acknowledge the issue but one source claims that the company believes that the issue resides with the GPU drivers and is working to deliver a fix for the problem.

Frustrated users have noted that the notebooks tend to freeze while running graphic heavy applications like playing games or encoding video with iMovie or Handbrake.

According to Ars Technica, the problem, which has not been reported in the 13-inch Macbook Pro model, is reportedly being caused when GPU intensive applications switch between Intel's Sandy Bridges processor and a discreet GPU.