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LibreOffice 3.3.2 release brings cleaner code

The Document Foundation has announced version 3.3.2 of LibreOffice, a micro-release that's light on features but heavy on code clean-up ready for the release of 3.4 later this year.

LibreOffice, born out of when prominent community members became sick of the restrictions project owner Oracle was placing on them, now features a far sleeker code base than its parent project. Many obsolete functions, which existed in the code but were never called to execute, have been pruned, alongside German-language comments which have now been Anglicised.

"After a few hours [on the project] I submitted a small patch removing five or six lines of dead code," explained one of the developers working on LibreOffice. "In a short time, I ended up removing the VOS library, which had been deprecated for a decade."

The code clean-up process is an important step on the way to the release of LibreOffice 3.4, due in May. This next major version will be where the differences between the arguably stagnant project and the new LibreOffice project start to show, with developers having completed the back-end work and new and enhanced features starting to appear.

The release of LibreOffice 3.3.2 comes at the same time as parent organisation The Document Foundation closes its first round of funding, launched five weeks ago. While the group originally sought €50,000 in donations in order to incorporate in Germany, the response was overwhelming and funding has closed with an impressive €100,000 in the bank.

The excess funds will be used to cover the Foundation's operating and infrastructure costs, the group said.