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Ofcom readies next generation mobile phone network

Government regulatory authority Ofcom has announced it is getting ready to sell the 4G licenses to mobile phone network companies, which is set to deliver faster mobile broadband speeds to handsets and devices.

This is set to be the biggest auction of mobile service licenses, 80-percent larger than the 3G auction from 2000.

Mobile broadband use has had an unprecedented leap in those 11 years, with the likes of email, messaging, mapping, video streaming, web surfing and social networking sites being responsible for the growth.

UK’s 4G spectrum is much needed now as the increase for demand won’t be halting anytime soon, where the new technology will bring speeds close to home broadband for mobile phones.

The area of coverage will increase too, besides just the overall throughput, with a hope that 95-percent of the UK would be covered under the new proposal.

There are two spectrum bands up for sale, the 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz. The lower frequency 800 MHz band is ideal for widespread coverage. The 2.6 GHz band is at a higher frequency, and is ideal for delivering the capacity needed to deliver higher speeds.

Ofcom is proposing to start the sale in the first quarter of next year, with implementation sometime then afterwards.

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