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Panasonic Now Offering UK's Cheapest 3D TV For £599.99

Panasonic has reached a new milestone in the 3D television set market by bringing the price of the Viera TX-P42GT20 to £599.99, a product that is surprisingly well priced and is the first 3D model at this price.

Sold by Hyperfi, this is a full HD television set, unlike the other 50-inch model from Samsung that we presented a few weeks ago. The Viera TX-P42GT20 uses Panasonic's own Frame Sequential Technology to deliver its 3D content via active 3D glasses.

Panasonic claims that it delivers sharper pictures thanks to a 600Hz Sub-field Drive technology plus a proprietary image-analysis technology.

Other notable features include THX certification, a 5M:1 contrast ratio, the ability to access internet content right on the set using the VIERA CAST feature, Freeview HD and Freesat HD tuners built-in (a saving of at least £100), native support for Skype and Twitter.

The television set comes with a one year manufacturer's guarantee and the only downfall we could see is the price of the 3D glasses which cost £100 a pop, which means that buying them for a family of six costs the same price as the TV set itself.

If you want to learn more about Panasonic 3D TV set and the technology itself, why not visit our sister website, welcome to 3D.TV.