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40% To Choose Android For Next Smartphone

Devices based on Google Android will outsell Apple's iPhone by a ratio of 2 to 1, a new global survey conducted by mobile app store GetJar has suggested.

According to the company, which claims to be the largest open mobile app store, around 40 per cent of the respondents said that they would switch to Android when they buy their next mobile phone while only 18 per cent said they would go for an Apple iPhone.

Patrick Mork, CMO of GetJar, said in a statement, “The survey results make it clear that all eyes are on Android, as well as the importance of brand equity in the increasingly competitive mobile app space.”

“In addition, the data also reveals that brand marketers and advertisers also have a reason to be hopeful about consumer’s appetite for in-app advertisement,” he added. The survey revealed that 73 per cent of respondents had downloaded apps with advertisements while 60 per cent had no problems with doing it again.

The company also revealed that 34 per cent of the people claimed to spend more than one hour using apps every day, and 49 per cent spent the same amount of time on apps as they did watching television.

The survey also found that 58 per cent of the respondents used mobile apps more than once during the day.