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AMD snatches Freescale's Mike Wolfe for CIO

AMD has announced that it has chosen Mike Wolfe to be the company's new chief information officer, possibly indicating the company's desire to join Intel in an assault on ARM.

Wolfe, named as the CIO by interim chief executive Thomas Seifert today, comes to AMD from Motorola and Freescale Semiconductor - both companies heavily involved in the mobile and tablet markets, and both heavy users of intellectual property licensed from British low-power chip design giant ARM - although has spent the last five years at HP.

While AMD's Andre Heidekruger told us categorically at CeBIT this year that his company has no intentions on chasing the smartphone and tablet markets in the short term, he also admitted that hardware partners had worked to shoehorn specially selected AMD Fusion C-50 parts into tablet devices - suggesting that the company's Atom-like low-power parts can work in such a form factor.

Officially, AMD is still aiming its current Fusion parts at laptops and small form factor systems rather than tablets and smartphones. With rival Intel pushing its Atom processors into the growing mobile market, however, AMD would be denying itself a chance to compete if it didn't think seriously about doing the same with Fusion.

"Mike has effectively led IT transformations constantly focusing on reducing operating costs and significantly improving business innovation," Seifert told investors during the announcement. "His considerable talent and experience will help AMD to continue strengthening our IT infrastructure and streamline our business based on our own products and platforms."