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Apple TV 4.2.1 Update Addresses Graphics Issues

Apple has released the Apple TV 4.2.1 update, fixing the flickering graphics experienced by some users after installing the original 4.2 version a couple of weeks ago.

The Apple TV update fixes issues on the device which caused the screen to flicker and caused incorrect colour display on some older TVs. The update also patches a 'wake from sleep' issue which, in some cases, prevented Apple TV from waking up when put to sleep.

The iPhone maker also claimed that the update would fix an issue with Apple TV that prevented audio from being heard on some older TV sets when users switched from a different audio input. Apple said that the update also provides some tweaks and fixes to improve the performance of the media streaming device.

The initial Apple TV 4.2 brought a string of new features to the platform, including AirPlay support for websites and apps, the ability to watch Major League Baseball games on MLB TV and on-demand NBA games. Apple TV also received Dolby 5.1 support for watching movies on Netflix.

This latest update from Apple comes on the heels of the substantial OS X 10.6.7 update released this week which provided, among other things, a fix for the GPU issue affecting its new Macbook Pro.