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Asda to open at midnight for Nintendo 3DS launch

Supermarket giant Asda has announced that it will open its stores at midnight tomorrow to allow eager Nintendo fans to get their hands on the company's latest portable the minute it is available.

In fact, saying it will 'open' its stores is a bit of a fib as the vast majority of the 200 outlets taking part in the game-rush will be open 24 hours a day anyway.

An unspecified number of stores will open beyond normal trading hours but an Asda spokeswoman told us punters would have to use the company's store locator to find their local supermarket and, if it's not usually open 24 hours, contact it in person to see if they are taking part.

The official Nintendo launch date is March 25th so Asda will be hoping to see crowds of sleepy gamers keen to catch a march on the rest of the world and grab the glasses-free 3D hand-held games console a few hours early.

We're not quite sure how the news will be received by parents who will be harangued into queuing in the wee small hours in order to keep their progeny happy, but we'll expect to see lots of yawning going on.

You'll be able to grab a 3DS for £197 in store and if you buy the console in the first three days on sale you can also get one of the games listed below for £15.

On-line punters will get a tenner off but will be at the mercy of the postie and his horrid red cards.

£15 offer games:
Super Street Fighter
Pilot Wings
Lego Star Wars
Nintendogs Golden Retriever
Nintendogs Bulldog
Nintendo Poodle
Super Monkey Ball
Splinter Cell
Ridge Racer
Sims 3
Ghost Recon Shadow War