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BlackBerry Protect comes to the UK

Canadian smartphone manufacturer Research In Motion has brought its security application BlackBerry Protect to the UK, in an open beta.

RIM’s Protect brings to BlackBerry devices the ability to back-up the phone’s data wirelessly, either daily, weekly or monthly along with being able to restore the mobile's information. This takes into account data such as contacts, calendar, memos, tasks, browser bookmarks and text messages – where there’s even an option for WIFI to be solely used; saving the tariff’s data allowance.

The app can also remotely locate a lost or missing handset as a safeguard for the device, as well as its data.

Protect is used in conjunction with BlackBerry Internet Service, where devices can be remotely password locked, or even wiped from the beta version’s ‘lost and found’ screen.

Locating the handset is run from a geo-location feature using GPS, where a loud ringer can even be evoked to locate the RIM device if it’s just misplaced.

BlackBerry’s Protect application has been available in the states for a while now, where the features are similar to that of Apples MobileMe for the iPhone or Motorola’s MotoBlur abilities for their Android handsets.

Research In Motion’s Protect app can be downloaded for the BlackBerry App World, or just by clicking here.

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