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Dell Introduces New PowerEdge C Microservers

Computer maker Dell has rolled out two new microservers that are fitted with low-power energy efficient processors from Intel and AMD.

The company said that the PowerEdge C5125 and C5220 are designed to allow companies to deploy shared and cloud computing infrastructures.

In a blog post, Dell's Barton George explained that the C5125 will be based on AMD processors and will be launched next month while the Intel based C5220 will be available in May.

The company said that the next-generation PowerEdge microservers have a highly dense 3U infrastructure that packs 12 one-socket servers that can be used for running single applications. The high density servers use four times less space, racks and cabling, thereby enhancing the revenue per square foot for web hosting and data centre firms.

“These systems further save on power and cooling by leveraging shared infrastructure. The server nodes in the chassis share mechanicals, high-efficiency fans and redundant power supplies all of which helps it save up to 75% in cooling costs compared to typical 1U servers,” George wrote on the blog post.

The latest generation microservers are targeted towards commercial mainstream users instead of large enterprises. Social networking giant Facebook is currently testing microservers for replacing virtualised environments for front-end operations.