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Facebook Is Most Searched For Brand In UK

Social networking platform Facebook was the most searched for brand in the UK throughout 2010, beating Google's YouTube to the top spot.

According to a report released by web analytics firm Experian Hitwise, social media platforms were the most popular websites amongst Britons in 2010, accounting for 12.3 per cent of all UK visits as of January 2011. The company said that in January alone, social media websites had received 2.4 billion visits.

Facebook accounted for 3.7 per cent of all searches made by Britons on Google, Yahoo and Bing in 2010. When taking into account the misspellings and abbreviations, Facebook accounted for six per cent of all the UK searches.

Hitwise said that Facebook and YouTube were followed by online auction platform eBay, and online retailers Amazon and Argos, to form the list of the top five most searched for brands in the UK. The company said that YouTube accounted for one percent of all UK searches and had managed to increase its web visits by 22 per cent during the year.

Experian Hitwise's Research Director, Robin Goad, said in a statement, “We know that these social networks are extremely popular, but it's interesting to see how much impact brands like Facebook are having online against major retailers and news and media brands.”

The BBC, Sky and Tesco also made the top 10 list of searched brands in Experian's research.