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Firefox 4 Surpasses 10m Download Milestone

The fourth iteration of Mozilla's Firefox browser has only been launched yesterday and it has already smashed the 10 million download milestone, just over 36 hours after it was launched according to Mozilla's real time clock.

The browser reached its first million downloads within 180 minutes and powered to 6.5 million downloads by 10am EDT, 24 hours after its launch.

In comparison, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 managed a mere 2.4 million downloaded copies in the first day of availability a few days ago.

Even then, many have pointed out that FF4 did not manage to crack the record established by the previous edition which was launched back in 2008 and was downloaded more than eight million times in a day.

The bulk of the downloads have been carried out by Europeans which account for more than forty per cent of the downloads, followed by North America, Asia, South America, Africa and Oceania.

The final version of FF4 came after twelve separate alpha, beta and release candidate versions; Apart from boosting of its support for Windows XP (something even IE9 doesn't have), FF4 also runs on Linux and Mac OS X.

Firefox still accounts for around 22 per cent of browser usage worldwide, which is less than during the heydays when it powered a quarter of all web-enabled computers.

This can be explained by the growing threat posed by an expanding Apple Mac OS X platform, where users prefer to run Safari, and the arrival of Google Chrome which has a browser market share of just over five per cent.