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First AMD Interlagos Opteron benchmarks leaked

The first details of AMD's upcoming Bulldozer architecture CPUs have leaked out, courtesy of a careless hardware partner's benchmarking results.

An unnamed hardware partner has been submitting benchmark results for what is believed to be a 16-core Interlagos Opteron chip months before AMD's expected launch of the range, offering the first confirmed details of the performance we can expect from the company's latest and greatest.

The server-oriented branch of the company's Bulldozer range, the Interlagos chips are expected to feature up to sixteen cores per chip - and at least one lucky OEM can confirm that, having received two engineering samples from AMD.

The benchmark results, posted to recently launched collaborative benchmarking platform OpenBenchmarking, were spotted by the guys over at Phoronix - and while they don't reveal much about the processor beyond its existence, they do offer an insight into its potential performance.

The chip, which is identified as AMD Eng[ineering] Sample ZS182045TGG43_28/18/20_2/16_A, offers sixteen physical processing cores running at 1.8GHz. The chip appears to be backwards-compatible with existing motherboards, with the unnamed OEM packing a pair of the processors into a Supermicro H8DGU server board.

While direct chip-to-chip comparisons are difficult, the initial benchmark results - submitted from a variety of Linux distributions, suggesting the OEM is currently undergoing platform certification - show a processor that offers impressive performance, easily beating the company's existing Opteron chips.

Although AMD is currently keeping Interlagos - and its other Bulldozer architecture chips - close to its chest, this minor leak is likely to whet the appetite of vendors hoping to cash in on the cloud computing trend with a many-core, lower-clock server offering based around the company's new chips.