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Fujitsu Wins HPC Wales Supercomputing Contract

Fujitsu has been awarded a £15 million contract to provide IT hardware, software and support to the High Performance Computing Wales project.

The HPC project involves the development of two major centres in Wales offering a supercomputing capacity and network to rival any across the UK and Europe. The deal marks the entry of the Japanese IT solutions provider into the UK HPC market after a gap of 10 years.

HPC Wales had considered bids from a lot of HPC companies in the UK but decided to go with Fujitsu in the end owing to the company's expertise and the technology it has to offer. Under the deal, Fujitsu will be responsible for creating an HPC grid using 1,400 nodes spread across 8 sites with its SynfiniWay middleware technology.

The HPC Wales project, which will be completed by the end of 2011, is expected to generate £22.8 million over 10 years for the UK economy, create 400 new jobs and give rise to at least 10 new companies.

“It's an ambitious project, because effectively we're putting HPC in a number of sites across Wales. We're obviously putting most of the infrastructure into the Cardiff and Swansea hubs, but we are distributing the network across Wales,” David Craddock, the acting chief executive of HPC Wales said in a statement to ZD Net.