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Nokia May Choose MeeGo Over Microsoft For Tablet Debut

Nokia might snub its smartphone partner Microsoft when it comes to launch its own tablet PC device.

According to a report on Reuters, the Finnish mobile phone maker is considering all options for its tablet PC device including MeeGo, an operating system it has been developing with chip maker Intel.

A source privy to Nokia's plans said that the company could go for Microsoft but 'it may not'. Another spokesperson told All Things Digital, "We have stated previously that MeeGo provides us with options on tablets."

The tablet PC market, pioneered by Apple's iPad, has seen new entrants in the past couple of months like Samsung and Motorola, with RIM and HTC following suit.

Nokia is expected to further delay its entry into the tablet market suggesting it doesn't want to rush a product like everybody else. The company will look to bring something new to the market which will incorporate Nokia's other media strategies including television.

Nokia recently announced a multi-billion dollar deal with Microsoft, under which it would make smartphones based on Windows Phone platform, but it is unlikely that Nokia would use Windows Phone on its tablet devices.

Microsoft itself has no plans to use Windows Phone for tablets and is considering offering tablet PCs based on Windows 8. Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system is not expected to be released before the end of 2012.