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Oracle Abandons Intel Itanium Microprocessors

Oracle has announced that the company will stop developing software for Intel's Itanium microprocessors, becoming the third major software maker to drop support for the architecture.

Last year, software giant Microsoft announced that it wouldn't be making software for Itanium following a similar decision from RedHat.

“After multiple conversations with Intel senior management, Oracle has decided to discontinue all software development on the Intel Itanium microprocessor,” Oracle said in a statement.

“Intel management made it clear that their strategic focus is on their x86 microprocessor and that Itanium was nearing the end of its life,” the company added.

The company confirmed it would continue to provide support for customers running Oracle software on Itanium processors. The Itanium processors have a different architecture to Intel's x86 product line, forcing companies to develop different software for the platform. Intel is continuing with Itanium for the time being but with so many software makers dropping support for the platform, its end seems near.

According to PC World, Hewlett-Packard is one of the few remaining companies that are committed to Itanium architecture, with most Itanium customers running the company's HP-UX software. Intel expects the number of HP-UX users on Itanium to rise in the near future. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.