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Price Of Xbox 360 250GB Console Drops To £150

Online retailer Game has cut the price of the Microsoft Xbox 360 250GB gaming console by £54 to only £150, a price that includes free delivery and 1500 Game rewards points.

The reduction occurs a day before the official launch of the Nintendo 3DS console and may have been decided to nudge gamers who have a budget for Nintendo's 3D gaming console and who might be lured by the reduction.

The console was only launched last year and comes with a handset and a controller as well as compatibility with the Kinect motion controller.

The console comes with built in 802.11n Wi-Fi, Xbox Live, a huge 250GB hard disk drive, five USB ports, a slimmer chassis compared to the previous edition and a new, reworked hardware that doesn't exhibit RROD issues.

Apart from being quieter and more energy efficient, the Xbox 360 250GB also has touch sensitive buttons and a HDMI port.

It is surprising that this particular console is cheaper than its 4GB Xbox 360 counterpart and cheaper than buying it pre-owned from the same retailer.

In fact Game's Xbox 360 250GB console is as cheap as the Nintendo DSi, a tenner cheaper than the Nintendo Wii and £30 more affordable than the Sony Playstation 3.