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Royal wedding audio to be sold on iTunes

For the first time in history, a complete audio recording of a royal wedding - that of Prince William and Kate Middleton - will be punted iTunes and other music sites.

Decca Records will be digitally recording the whole ceremony at Westminster Abbey, including for the first time the wedding vows, and will be uploading it to iTunes within hours of the event.

The audio recording of the April 29th shinding will be produced by Grammy nominee Anna Barry and will be available in more traditional formats, including cassette and vinyl for your gran, from May 5th.

As well as lots of mumbling and coughing, the recording will feature music from the Abbey's choir, the Chapel Royal Choir and the London Chamber Orchestra.

We'll be willing to bet that a large chunk of the proceeds will probably go to worthy charities, making it a better buy than some of the dreadful Chinese tat we're seing in the run-up to the royal nuptials.