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Samsung Delivers More Details On Galaxy Tab 8.9

The Galaxy Tab 8.9 has been officially released at CTIA 2011 by Samsung, a few hours ago; the tablet will cost less than the iPad with the 16GB version available for $469 and the 32GB one for $569.

Like its bigger brother, it is only 8.6mm thick but weighs an impressive 460g. As reported before, it features a 8.9-inch screen with a Honeycomb friendly, 1280x800 pixels resolution.

The rest of the specifications shows that Samsung is keen to exploit economies of scale optimally; you therefore get a dual core system on chip, a front facing and rear camera, Wi-Fi, dual speakers, support for 1080p playback and Flash 10.2, a 6000mAh battery,

As expected, the tablet will run on Google Honeycomb with a new updated Touchwiz user interface placed atop of it that features a number of widgets, a social hub a la Motoblur, a L!ve panel for customising the home screen and a Mini Apps Tray which some compared to what Blackberry came up with for the Playbook.

Samsung only said that the tablet will go on sale in the US in Summer without giving further details regarding international availability.

There will also be a number of accessories to kit the tablet including a USB connection kit comprising of a SD card and USB in/out port (ed : does that mean that there will not be a USB por or SD card reader?)