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Two new Opera browsers tip up

Popular mobile web browsing software company Opera has just released two updated versions of their software, in Opera Mini 6 and Mobile 11.

Opera Mini uses the company’s servers to deliver streamline web pages and images to the mobile phone, which saves on the data allowance by providing less of a bulk web experience and Opera Mobile comes with the same Presto browser engine as the desktop product – with full HTML5 support.

The new versions have improvements surrounding better scrolling on web sites, along with panning and zooming that wasn’t a feature of the previous Opera Mini 5 variant.

On devices that have multi-touch support, there is also pinch-to-zoom for Opera browsers and can work better than the one built-in to the OS.

Opera’s new browsers have an instant sharing feature for URL’s and items found on-line, where posting to the likes of Twitter and Facebook is easily accomplished.

The web surfing tool is now geared up for large screen tablet devices, with a new user interface (UI) that’s smoother to use than beforehand.

Opera's Mini 6 arrives for Java, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian/S60 platforms with Mobile 11 being available for Android, Symbian, Windows 7 desktop and MeeGo.

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