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UK iPad 2 Retailers To Close For One Hour Ahead Of Launch

Apple shed some more light over the claimed delays in the delivery of the iPad 2 in the UK and in 24 other countries and argued that there was actually none.

A spokesperson for the company confirmed to Channelweb that the release date and time was never pushed back and that "It is 5pm [local time] for all Apple Stores and retailers, which is exactly the same time it went on sale in the US earlier this month."

Such a move did not induce any complain in the US where the tablet went on sale in around 20,000 outlets nationwide through a string of third party Apple authorised partners.

However, things seemed to be a little different here; a store manager argued that it will not be possible for some to open until late because they are located in shopping centres with very strict opening conditions.

This would put them at a disadvantage and could result in "disappointing first-day sales for some retailers" especially as the launch occurs on a Friday and some of them already have the product in stock.

Apple has asked retailers to shut their stores at 1600 to prepare for the launch of the iPad 2, an exceptional move that has puzzled and angered many partners

In addition, online retailers like Amazon, Misco or Ebuyer will be able to ship the product for next day delivery from Thursday evening or Friday morning which means that users might opt to stay at home and get the items delivered on Saturday morning instead.