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Unions want Steve Jobs booted from Disney board

Moves are afoot to have Apple front-man Steve Jobs ousted from the board of evil animation mega-corporation Disney.

It's not only dollar-hungry Apple shareholders who seem to be willing to kick a man when he's down, as a major US union federation and an influential shareholder advisory firm both seek to have Jobs removed from the company's board.

Jobs received 138 million Disney shares as part of the acquisition of computer animation outfit Pixar, which means he owns something in the order of seven per cent of the House of Mouse.

The AFL-CIO confederation of unions, which owns 3.8 million Disney shares, has already voted against Jobs' re-election citing his current state of health and responsibilities as Apple CEO as grounds for giving him the boot.

Institutional Shareholder Services, which advises large organisations on proxy matters, said that Jobs had only made it to three out of four board meetings in the recent past and raised questions about his "ability to fulfill his responsibilities as a director of the company."

The last time Jobs was ousted from the board of a major company (Apple) he went away for a couple of years to take stock, returned in triumph and unceremoniously canned everyone who had booted him out in the first place.

Something which fellow board members might wish to consider when they vote on the company's biggest individual shareholder's re-election to the board later today.

Apple is currently the most successful tech company on the planet.