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Windows Phone 7 finally gets copy and paste

Microsoft has finally finished the much-anticipated update to Windows Phone 7 which will allow users to copy and paste chunks of text and other items between apps.

OS version 7.0.7390.0 is currently being pushed to users in what Microsoft calls a 'staggered schedule' which means that how long you have to wait for the OTA install depends on where you live, what handset you use and who you pay for your airtime contract.

Microsoft is keeping quiet about where individual punters will be placed in the queue but warns that some could be waiting weeks for the phone-delivered notification.

Call us cynics if you will, but we'd be willing to bet those with cut-price handsets on low-cost contracts outside the USA and mainland Europe will be bringing up the rear.

Although the addition of copy and paste - which involves tapping on a section of text and pulling arrows to enlarge a selection much like the iPhone and its ilk - is probably the biggest change to the mobile OS, finally allowing copy from text messages, emails, web pages and Office documents to be moved about at will, there are a number of other major and minor changes.

Microsoft says it has whittled down the time it takes for applications and games to launch and resume and has streamlined the Marketplace to make it easier to find those apps in the first place. Searches are now filtered depending on which area of the Marketplace you are currently in, so if you are looking at games, searches will return only games.

Marketplace will also be a fit less flaky when downloading apps, especially those larger than 20MB. Paying with a non-US credit card, sharing links to apps in emails and the whole Xbox Live experience have also been made simpler.

Improvement have also been made to the way in which Winphone devices deal with multiple Wi-Fi profiles and your phone's MAC address can be viewed in settings.

Outlook and messaging have been tweaked, has have Facebook integration, switching between modes using the on-board cameras, Bluetooth sound quality and general performance. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.