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Apple Plans AirPlay Video Streaming To TV Sets?

Apple is planning to expand its AirPlay streaming technology by allowing users to stream video from an iPad or iPhone to their TVs.

Apple's plans would involve the company granting consumer electronics firms the right to include AirPlay video support in their TVs, Bloomberg reports, citing sources close to Apple.

The technology could be used to stream movies, TV shows and other video content from iOS devices directly to the television. The devices with AirPlay video support could be available by the end of this year, Bloomberg sources said.

The company already offers video and streaming features via Apple TV, a device that lets users stream songs, movies and TV shows to television sets through the device. Apple TV has not seen the mainstream success of Apple's other media devices like iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. The company itself has dubbed Apple TV more of a hobby than a flagship product.

With the ability to stream video and audio directly to TVs without Apple TV, the company hopes to capitalise on the user base and popularity of its iOS devices and its iTunes platform. The move could also prove to be a boon for TV makers as they will be able to take a slice from Apple's massive iPhone and iPad profitability. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.