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Cheapest Nintendo 3DS Yet : Tesco To Sell Console From £165?

Supermarket chain Tesco will sell the Nintendo 3DS for £175 from midnight today, down from £197 but many have reported that this price can be reduced by another £10 to a £165 (excluding delivery) by using the code TDX-KMAW if the deal is available online.

Customers may be looking a potential saving of up to £65 from the full retail price and £32 of Tesco's own current list price of £197.

Unfortunately you will have to buy a Nintendo 3DS game (which cost at least £34.90) in order to benefit from the price. Even then, in the worse case scenario, you're looking at a £209.90 bill or just under £200 should the voucher work.

Failing that, you can always buy the Nintendo 3DS from Amazon for £207 and get a free screen protector, a free case and a free game out of a selection offered online.

MCV UK which first reported the news this earlier during the day, couldn't help but notice that the retail market has been very competitive over the console pricing, something that is quite uncommon.

The Nintendo 3DS was first announced back in March 2010 and was released in Japan in February 2011. It is the only mainstream mobile gaming console that can deliver 3D gaming without any glasses.

It is backward compatible with the existing DS game catalogue and Nintendo has confirmed that it has managed to sell its entire initial stock of 400,000 units within days.