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Could 'Color' App Be The Future Of Social Networking?

A revolutionary new communication app has been launched for the iPhone and Android platforms, which automatically shares photos, videos and text with anyone in the vicinity who also has the application.

The app, called Color, has been created by Bill Nguyen, who sold his cloud based music locker to Apple for $80 million. The app works by using a mix of GPS location data and ambient sensors to assess proximity of other users, who will be able to see any text, videos or photos taken via Color.

The application comes with absolutely no privacy settings, so all the photos shared are publicly available to every member within the range. There is also no need to 'friend' anyone, though a blocking option is available.

Color also has a way of sharing media content based on the frequency and amount of time users spend near each other. Photos and the like are stored for longer on the phone, the more often you cross paths.

“The days of having to say anything are done. There's no more profiles, there's no more friending, there's no more electronic dog fence created by Facebook. It's all over. This is the post-PC world. It's a brand new way of sharing,” Nguyen said in a statement.

Nguyen's company had raised $41 million in seed capital from Sequoia Capital, Bain Capital and the Silicon Valley Bank even before the launch. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.