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Father Of Mac OS X Departs From Apple

Bertrand Serlet, the father of the Mac OS X, has decided to leave Apple after 14 years of service, the company has announced.

Serlet, who is the senior vice president of computer software engineering, has been with Apple since Steve Jobs returned as CEO in 1997 and was chiefly responsible for developing Mac OS X as it is today.

The senior software engineer will be replaced by Craig Federighi, the vice president of Apple's computer software division who will report directly to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the company said in a statement.

“I’ve worked with Steve for 22 years and have had an incredible time developing products at both NeXT and Apple, but at this point, I want to focus less on products and more on science,” Serlet, who has a doctorate in computer science from the University of Orsay, France, said in a statement.

Serlet has been heavily involved in the development of Mac OS X Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard, whilst his successor, Federighi, has been handling the development of Mac OS X Lion for the past two years. Lion is expected to be released this year or early next year.

His departure is another sign that Apple, which remains committed to computer software, is moving ever more towards mobile computing, with the massive success enjoyed by its iPhone and iPad devices.