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Google Claims No 'War' With Apple Over Subscriptions

A Google executive has claimed that the company is not at war with Apple for the digital subscription market.

Google News executive, Madhav Chinnappa, who is overseeing the launch of Google's One Pass digital newspaper and magazine subscription service in Europe, introduced the new service at the Changing Media Summit.

When asked whether the company was at war with Apple, Chinnappa replied, “It’s not a war”, but Google's corporate strategy says otherwise.

"Apple has a closed model which has pros and cons, and Google believes in an open model, which also has pros and cons," Google executive chairman, Eric Schmidt commented on the two subscription services.

One day after Apple announced a digital newspaper and magazine service, Google followed suite with One Pass. Google is looking to trump Apple by offering 20 per cent more of the revenue from sales to publishers.

Google's One Pass subscription service allows one-password access to mobile content across tablets, smartphones and desktops. Publishers will be able to offer subscriptions, metered access to content, freemium content and even single articles if they wish to do so.

Chinnappa admitted that the service has yet to acquire any publisher in the UK but had already got three publishing partners in Germany including Axel Springer.