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HP Berates Oracle's 'Shameless Gambit' In Dropping Itanium

Hewlett-Packard has dubbed Oracle's move to drop support for Intel's Itanium processors as a 'shameless gambit' in order to boost its own rival line.

Oracle announced that it will stop making software for Itanium as Intel itself was focussing on its line of x86 servers. Oracle's claim has been refuted by Intel, which informs that it is committed to Itanium processors and has plans to release new versions.

HP, which is the largest producer of servers that use Intel's Itanium processors, said that Oracle's move could cost governments and organisations hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity.

“Competition is good for customers, innovation and the marketplace. We are shocked that Oracle would put enterprises and governments at risk while costing them hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity in a shameless gambit to limit fair competition,” Dave Donatelli, executive vice president of HP, said in a statement.

“Oracle continues to show a pattern of anti-customer behaviour as they move to shore up their failing Sun server business,” Donatelli added.

HP, which was involved in a well-publicised spat with Oracle over the sacking of Mark Hurd, said that Oracle was only doing this because it wanted customers to opt for its own Itanium rival Sparc.