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Microsoft ups tracking site for Winphone updates

Microsoft has obviously got tired of answering the phone and replying to forum posters who constantly ask: "When is my Windows phone going to get a firmware upgrade?"

Until now, Windows Phone 7 users have had to wait for Microsoft to push over-the-air (OTA) upgrades to different handsets, regions and mobile carriers in what might seem to some like an arbitrary order.

The software giant has tried to avoid some of the anger and confusion by posting two update trackers, one for the United States and the other for the rest of the world which give a vague clue as to when you might be getting the latest version of the OS.

It's still all a bit random, and you'll still have to wait until the update is pushed to your handset as there's no way of downloading the update manually, but it's slightly better than being completely in the dark.

Even if your location and service provider are on the 'Delivering update' list, you could still have to wait two weeks as Microsoft still seems to be a bit shy about the fact that some handset manufacturers are serviced before others. We're sure conspiracy theories will abound.