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'OMG' And 'Ego-Surfing' Included In Oxford English Dictionary

The latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary with 5,437 new words, includes several inspired by the web and technology, like 'ego-surfing' and 'dot bomb', as well as the first ever graphical symbol to be given a definition.

'Ego-surfing' is the act of searching for one's own name, business or website on the web. The word was apparently first used back in 1995. Another new addition, 'dot bomb' refers to a website which has now shut down. This term began to be used after the 90s dot com bubble bust.

The 'heart' symbol is also being added to the 127 year old dictionary, right beside the word 'Heart'. The meaning of the symbol, which is listed as a 'verb', has been given as 'to love'. Another word, or abbreviation, being added to the dictionary is OMG, which is short for Oh My God. OMG was first used in text messages but later spread to instant messaging.

A spokesperson for the Oxford University Press, the publication which publishes the dictionary, said, “It is an unsurpassed guide to how the meanings of words change over time and this update provides more evidence of how our language is evolving.”

The verb 'to run' has the longest entry with 645 different senses, phrases and idiomatic uses.